I know I promised you all I would post this about a week ago, but honestly, it was much harder to write than I thought. (sorry for the lengthy post)

My yiayia passed away in December. She would have turned 96 last month. She was such a strong woman, but the last few years, her Alzheimer’s took a toll on her. However, through it all, she was able to remember me up until her last few days.

She was such a huge part of my life. I am so glad I was able to share a few milestones in my life with her. She was able to attend my Bridal Shower and my wedding, healthy, and happy! I will forever cherish our moments together.

Before she passed away, she had something she wanted to give me; her wedding ring. She asked me to make something special out of it, and hold it close to my heart. I remember crying instantly when she gave this to me. I never even looked at the ring. We just hugged, cried, smiled, all in the same moment.

Now that it has been a few months, I decided it was time to take her ring out of the box and make a special piece out of it, so I could wear it daily, and be reminded of her. 🙂 I was with my mom when we both looked at the ring. It was almost identical to my wedding ring now, AND, the same size. We were both in awe. I could not believe that my Yiayia’s ring, a 60 year old ring, could be almost an exact replica of mine now. I guess my yiayia and I had very similar taste 🙂

I did a lot of research on Pinterest, looked through magazines, and searched the web, for stones/styles/bands, until I found the perfect piece. I took her engagement ring to a family jeweler and told them that I did not want her band or stone touched. I just wanted two pink morganite stones added to either side of her diamond. This is called a “past, present, and future” ring. I wanted it to symbolize my Yaiyai’s life, and all of the wonderful memories we shared together. The jeweler was so sympathetic and completely understood my vision for this ring. I decided to save her wedding band and not do anything to it, because, if I have a little girl one day, I would love to give it to her!

A few weeks later, I went to pick up my ring. It was BEAUTIFUL, and better than I ever imagined it. My Yiayia would have loved it. I am so proud to wear this piece of her everyday. She will forever be in my heart, forever be missed, and forever go every where I go.

(Feb 17 1922 – Dec 3 2017)