Dr. Brown’s products have made motherhood so much easier. Now that my Cristiano is almost 9 months old, we have had ample amount of time to test out which products work and which do not for my little one.

As a disclosure, keep in mind, this is what I recommend from experience with Cristiano. However, every baby is different!



The first line of products that we have used since he was only a few weeks old is the Dr. Browns Options+ Bottles.  We tried out two other brands and Cristiano just did not take to them. These were an immediate latch. He initially took breast milk from them and now formula.

The second product that we have started using only a few months ago, are the Dr. Browns teethers. He loves this one here, as well at the ridges. Again, we have many backups of these because this is the one he loves! He already has 3 teeth and has not complained once. These have been so soothing for him!

Our third and final ride or die product has been the Dr. Browns sterilizer. It hold 6-7 bottles, pacifiers, teethers, etc, all in one shot! It also only takes about 5-7 minutes to sterilize. For a mom on the go, this was, and still is a life saver.

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