Our journey with Dr. Brown’s bottles & teethers has been incredible and memorable for our Cristiano. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.44.50 AM

Now that he is almost ten months we have been entering the next phase of sippy cups, divided plates, and snack cups! 

We have tried countless brands of sippy cups. He was truly not liking any until we found  the Dr. Brown’s weighted straw cup. It is so easy for him to hold and the bendable straw made the transition seamless! He grasped the concept on the first day! I truly believe the angled straw helped him! 

He also is at the point where he is eating what we are eating. We’re always on the go, so packing tons of little containers takes up space! The Dr. Browns travel set is so compact! The divided plate, spoon, and lid, all snap together! Win win! This is a must have!

Lastly, I can not take puffs away from this little nugget! They have been our saving grace in getting him to crawl & to use as a distraction when needed. We store them in the Dr. Brown’s snack cup. It is so light weight and it has a silicone top which allows him to only take one puff at a time! Not to mention, they come in adorable themes like his watermelon cup!

As always, you can follow Cristiano and I, by clicking here! We will be sharing more of our Dr. Brown’s journey as we reach the next few milestones!