One of my goals for 2018, was to create a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog. However, being a full time Dance Teacher, Choreographer, & Studio Owner, I wasn’t quite sure how this would be possible. I sat down and made a list for myself, of the top 3 most important things to remember when trying to own a successful business & run a successful blog. These tips are helpful to anyone who wants to conquer their goals in any career!

  1. Schedules: I downloaded the app “Fam Cal,” and it really has helped me immensely in all aspects of my life. I learned to give ample amount of time to all things important to me. I am able to make my studio appointments/deadlines one color in my calendar, my fashion blog another color, and my “play time/me time” another! LOL! It even has a section for shopping lists & to do lists, which are all important to me as well! This keeps me on the track of being a #BossBabe. I know it seems like a lot crammed into one day, however, if you are organized and prepared, it all gets done with time to spare!
  2. “Plan ahead, work ahead”: At the studio I teach full time, choreograph competitively/recreationally, and manage the business aspect. I plan out my dances weeks ahead of time, so I know I won’t have to rush to finish my routines. My “choreo” notebook has each page dated with what I want to accomplish during that particular rehearsal schedule. With my Blog/Instagram, I do the same thing! I plan my outfits ahead of time. I’ll lay out my clothes for the week (accessories and all), so I am prepped for my “shoot day.” I’ll take several pictures in the same day of different outfits. Usually, I take enough pictures for the week! I feel no stress!  It ends up being a lot more fun when things are taken care of for the week. I feel like both of these careers are more so hobbies. It doesn’t feel like work at all when I plan.
  3. Personal Interaction: As an influencer in the dance world, my main goal is to make my students/parents happy. If they are happy, my business thrives, and my day is made! Job done! The same thing goes for this blog. I also want to be an influencer in this industry. I try to keep in mind what you all want to see and read. If your Saturday morning is filled with a cup of coffee and my blog on your computer, I know you’re happy! I love interacting with all of you & receiving your feedback. Making your audience/customers happy is KEY to running a successful business.

All of these tips have helped me maintain a balance between both jobs. The same can go for you with whatever career you choose. There is always time to do the things you love. Anything is possible, never give up!

xoxo Arielle