I always look forward to the new year because not only is it a time for new resolutions, BUT, it’s also a time for new things in my closet! Time to branch out & step out of your “clothing comfort zone.” These 3 pieces you NEED in your closet this year!

You won’t regret it!

  1. All the “Pom-Poms” – I know you’ve seen them everywhere! Time to purchase! Pom-Pom cable knit blankets add such a comfy cozy feel to your home! They also add a little bit of texture to your everyday living. AND… Don’t get me started on the new trend of Pom-Pom shoes! I have them on my comfy Dakota Ugg slippers, my stiletto Badgley Mischka’s, AND even removable pom-pom’s on my every day Sperrys! They spice up any old outfit, and bring life back into your look! Definitely worth the small investment in your closet. IMG_2568.JPG

2. Embroidered Jeans: These are coming back! Not going to lie, the first time I started seeing these I was a little unsure. However, once I found the perfect embroidery, I was hooked! The simple floral detail on the side can change the look of your entire outfit. A plain white t-shirt with these pants makes this everyday look go from bland to GLAM.


3. Silk Scarves as accessories: I’m sure you have one of these lying around your closet. Dust it off and tie it to your tote or cross body! VOILA! You just made yourself a “NEW” pocketbook! There’s so many fun patterns you can buy in these silk scarves. I’ve even seen people now putting these around their pony tail or even using them as belts. I can’t wait to purchase more scarves to enhance my everyday outfits!


XOXO Arielle