It’s that time of year where we all make the common New Years resolution of, wanting to become the best versions of ourselves. I want to eat healthy & get my butt to the gym. For me, the problem wasn’t making this resolution yearly, but following thru with it. The thought of going to a gym always intimidated me. I was insecure and felt like I didn’t know how to “use” the machines. It was very uncomfortable and I could feel all eyes on me. I can finally say, I’ve learned to overcome my fear! Finally! Below are some helpful tips that could hopefully work for you too!

1. The most important thing to remember is you are there for YOU and no one else. I know this is easier said than done, however, once this sinks in, your confidence sky rockets. Everyone at the gym has the same goal in mind… to reach their personal best. All of your focus needs to be on your mind, your body, and your goals. Comparing yourself to others or being paranoid that others are judging you, will get you no where. Just put on your headphones and block out the world!

2. Bring a support system. I felt that bringing a friend to the gym with me helped with my insecurities. You constantly are encouraging each other and pushing each other. If I’m feeling tired during a run, my girlfriend was always there to talk me up & push me thru.

3. Training sessions. These are not necessary, however, if you don’t have friends that can accompany you at the gym, getting a trainer for your first week can’t hurt. Their job is to help you! This goes for any profession. As a dance teacher, new students walk in and have never taken a dance class. They too feel intimidated, but it’s my job to make them feel comfortable, teach them, and answer all of their questions. Same concept for you, the trainer, and the gym. They’re there to help you! Take advantage!

4. Fitonomy App: I LOVE this app. If you want to start out slow, only going to the gym 1x a week or so, this is great! It’s basically a trainer on your phone! It shows you with a 3D trainer how to do certain workouts with and without gym equipment! You need to try this!

Again, remember, everyone once started at the beginning like you. Positive vibes only!

xox Arielle