My hubby and I try to take a vacation once a year. It is not always easy because we both have very demanding jobs, BUT, this year we decided it’s now or never. We do not have kids (yet!) and it’s never going to be the “perfect” time with our jobs. So, we impulse booked Punta Cana for Memorial Day Weekend!! WooHoo!! AND we booked Portugal for two weeks in August. This vacation is actually going to be super special for us, and has been in the making for years now. My husband was born in Portugal, and has not been back to see his family in 10 years. We are both so excited to be going and to share this experience together!

With that being said, I have been on the hunt for adorable beach/resort wear, and accessories! I also have been looking for comfortable walking shoes, as my husband lives on all cobblestone streets.

Now is the time to buy while things are still in stock. I always find, that if I wait too long, come Summer, certain popular styles are much harder to find in my size. I plan on doing more shopping before our trip, but I got a little head start now!

Below I linked what I purchased already, and what I will be adding to my cart soon! You can see some of these outfits on me during a try on sesh on my instagram! Go to @loveinblush and click the “try-on” button under my highlights!

Happy Shopping!

xox Arielle