As a dance teacher, I am constantly exercising. However, teaching my contemporary classes and doing 30 minutes of cardio, are two completely different things. My goal is to become a healthier version of myself, while toning my body, before summer. I’ve always been the type of person to need a schedule or an extra “push,” in order to stick with a gym routine. I did my research on a few programs, and thought the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) was the best fit for me.

The app is completely customizable to you and your needs. When initially starting, it will ask you questions about yourself, and then it will get to know your goals. Based off of your responses you can pick the program that best works for you. (the best part is, you can change your program at anytime!) Since I have a full time job, I chose the workout program that did not require gym equipment. It is not always easy to get there, but in home workouts were a GREAT idea!

The app has a calendar that you set up based on your schedule. I can customize the day/time, and my phone will alert me when it’s time to workout! PLUS, the workouts are not long at all. Usually a quick 30 minutes, that I like to do first thing in the morning. Believe it or not, it really wakes me up & motivates me for the rest of the day!

There is also a food tab! It gives you healthy options for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, throughout the day! I love this because sometimes I find myself eating the same “Healthy Meals” over and over again. This gives me inspiration for the week! Majority are so easy to make!

My schedule looked like this for my first week!

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: 35 Minute Cardio

Wednesday: Full Body

Thursday: 35 Minute Cardio

Friday: Arms & Abs

Saturday: Challenge & 35 Minute Cardio

Sunday: Recovery Day

Adorable workout clothes can always motivate me. However, I found that rewarding myself at the end of every BBG week is the ticket to keeping me engaged in this program. Whether it is a cheat meal that I look forward to on Sunday, or rewarding myself with a new gym accessory, it makes me work towards something. There is light at the end of the tunnel! My Birthday is in 6 days & my husband and I are going to a lovely restaurant 🙂 My “motivation” this week is going to be able to eat & drink as I please on my Birthday! 

Overall, after week 1, I am LOVING this program. 1. Easy to do workouts, customized for me 2. I can do them whenever/wherever 3. More energy throughout the day 4. I do not feel intimidated by going to a gym and lifting heavy equipment 5. It is cheaper than having a gym membership 6. There is a BBG community/support group, that I am constantly connecting with people on!

You can download the BBG workout here!

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